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America's Library

Discover the stories of America’s past. Presented by the Library of Congress, a site with information about American people and historical events, and each of its states.

Boston Public Library

Lectures, storytelling, workshops, films, and more than 50 other programs every week for all ages.Principal facilities located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Crime Library

Criminal Minds and Methods - Stories on: crime, gangsters, serial killers, terrorists, spies, assassins and classic crime stories.

Internet Public Library

A global standard for Digital Librarianship. Online public library features directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines, reference materials with special sections for youth.

The Library of Congress

Resources for kids, families, librarians, publishers, researchers, teachers and visitors. Research affiliations: Association of Research Libraries, Research Library Group.

The New York Public Library

Offers a continuing education, to each of us, at every level of learning. Research affiliations: Association of Research Libraries, Center for Research Libraries, Research Library Group.


Legal Shield

Through Legal Shield, you receive affordable legal protection 24/7! Get advice on any legal issue including home, estate issues, financial, family matters, and auto. Our Identity Theft Plan offers comprehensive restoration service. Become an Associate, it's willable.

Law Depot

We offer a wide selection of Free Legal Documents, Forms, and Contracts in Real Estate, Financial, Wills and Estates! We help millions of people just like you with Letters of Intent, Waivers, Agreements, Power of Attorney - all just waiting for you to print or download!

Legal Help - Contracts

We provide do it yourself legal expertise at an affordable price! Our services remove the hassle of hiring an attorney – we take you through the process step by step. Wills, Power of Attorney, Business & Corporate, Real Estate, LLC, Child Consent, and much more!

Legal Shield Services

Everyone should have legal representation, and now everyone can afford it! Get access to a high-quality law firm for as little as $20 a month. From real estate to document review, speeding tickets to will preparation, we are here to advise you with any legal matter.

Finding Free Legal Advice

If you need legal advice about an immigration matter but cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may be able to ask an attorney, an association of of immigration lawyers, a state bar association, or an organization specially -accredited to provide such assistance about the availability of free or reduced cost legal services on immigration issues.


Addict Magazine

This is by far the best hip-hop magazine in the country! The first major urban editorial in Ohio featuring raw and uncut Hip-Hop at its finest, models, music, advertisements, fashion, interviews, events, unity, economy growth and much more. It’s about the readers!

Social Corruption

Social Corruption is a new online magazine. We offer blogs, chat, discussion, class act articles and more. This is a place to be real, to get the real and share it. It is a free social media magazine with huge twists. Very different, fresh and cool. Join today! Magazine Magazine explores fashion trends from today's Hottest Designers and more. Plus how to live and stay green, celebrity gossip, beauty tips and so much more. Their Live talk radio show which Airs Mon-Fri is informative and fun.

Popular Style Magazine

So you want to start your own interactive magazine, comic book, novel, etc. without spending an insane amount on printing. It's time to think out of the box. We can put your publication on CD, readable on any computer for an extremely low cost.

National Geographic Online

Career Magazine

Discover Magazine

Forbes Magazine


LIFE Magazine

PC Magazine

Rollingstone Magazine

ScienceDaily Magazine

Science Magazine Home

Smithsonian Magazine

TIME Magazine



Note Converters

At Note Converters we buy a variety of notes, which includes: Mortgage, Structured Settlements, Business, Lottery Winnings and Real Estate. If you have a mortgage note & you’re looking to cash out, we’ll buy your note for the highest possible cash price today!

Fidelity Direct Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are effective tools allowing seniors extra cash to convert a portion of their home equity into proceeds which could supplement their retirement. We work with you to assess your unique situation to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you!

Perfect World Marketing

Using the same money you have been paying your bills with, you can pay your mortgage and other debts off if you know how - and we show you! You also can make money sharing this with others. We provide the service that will help you eliminate your debt!

Precision Mortgage Relief

Precision Mortgage Relief was designed to help bring you better choices with your mortgage. Whether you are looking to buy, refinance or find options to help you save your home, we have the resources you need. Receive up to 4 qualified offers on your loan!

Bad Credit/No Credit Personal Loans $100,000

We specialize in Credit Restoration, Personal Funding & Business Setup & Funding! Bad Credit? No Credit? Need cash? We offer Bad Credit Funding that will help with your financial burden. Get guaranteed $50,000-100,000 funding in less than 60 Days!

Mortgage Headaches

If you’re facing foreclosure, we can help! Our proven system uses the law to prevent these massive headaches from occurring and gives you the upper hand when negotiating with the bank. So if your mortgage is giving you a headache we have the "pill" to end the pain!

The Mortgage Manager

Are you earning all the money you ever wanted? Do you want to be able to pay off all your bills and change your life forever? Free software program will help you pay off your mortgage faster. There are no strings attached, simply visit my website to read more.

New Credit Wizard

Our company offers four different services: credit repair, debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing and home loans. Whether you are looking to buy, refinance or find options to help you save your home, we have the resources you need. Visit us for a free evaluation.

All Solutions Network

Are you in danger of losing your home or being suffocated by debt? We can help! For a free No Obligation Consultation with one of our Financial Service Specialists, call Toll Free 877 604 6636 ext 3 - Please reference Service ID Code BH14356


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