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Medical Expenses for Jose Espinosa

Jose Espinosa and his family are going through a challenging time. Injured during work, Jose Espinosa now needs surgery to repair his spine. Please donate and share this page with as many people as you can. The family thanks you in advance for your generosity.

Children for Africa Netherlands

We empower children to build their resilience, protect themselves and their peers, and to claim their rights by providing skills, knowledge & opportunity. Please help us to support those affected by wars & impoverishment so that they may define their own bright future.

Walk In Eternity

Minister and CEO/founder of World Pentecost Ministry trying to raise funds to publish, publicize and market a new book manuscript. The most useful ever in print, this book will be the most accurate timeline in Biblical history and will surprise & educate all who read it.

Global Charity Fund

We help to sponsor the International Development of Public Charity for Children with severe cases of medical & surgery needs. The goal of the project is fundraising, enlisting millions of people worldwide to support the cause to give deserving children a better life!


Do you need to raise money? Discover a brilliant, proven way to receive donations for your charity, church, business, education, artistic project, personal needs and more! Our peer-to-peer donation platform helps to steer funds towards much deserving campaigns!

Black Foundation

Our mission is to make the inner city areas of Detroit and Los Angeles a better place
to live. We focus on removing the demand for drugs and alcohol with the expansion of treatment centers. Our program also stresses rebuilding the family and creating jobs.

Japan Earthquake Relief

We are a non-profit/humanitarian organization located in Tucson, AZ, and are raising funds for the Japan Earthquake Victims to help rebuild their country. We accept checks, money orders and cash donations from $10 - $250 on up. We also take PayPal donations.

Through Him Fellowship

We are a Houston based church. Currently the building in which we’re holding services is on the market for sale. We began having services on 03/17/07 in a hotel. We need a helping hand. If you are able & willing to help us out in any way please contact us online.


Real Talk With Krystal

This is a blog about real issues that bother people. You get to write about your troubles and get advice on what to do in real life situations like relationships, family and personal problems. Real life experiences, issues, problems, solutions, gist, fun, comedy....LIFE!

Viral Content

Check out our great viral offerings that you are sure to love! From the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world to weird superfoods & everything in between, you will amazed by these wonderful and bizarre articles. Read, comment and surf tons of the most popular posts!


Hooqup is a free social media website connecting friends and family. Post videos, music, articles, classified ads, jobs and more. If you’re bored with other social media website, we have something special in store for you. Create a profile and start enjoying this site free!


MungoSocial is the new social networking platform that allows you to surf Youtube, post classifieds, video chat with friends & family, all on one site and for free! You will have the opportunity to meet and chat with tons of other members about their interests!


Join our site and meet lovely people who love and care about the environment! Make friends, express yourself, find your long lost love, get a job, talk about your problems, read the news, or watch online TV. Are you a businessman? POST your ads here for FREE!

Olokunbola’s Blog

We offer the latest news and sensational headlines including Celebrity Breaking Gossip, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and yes... Ameebo! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the world’s most interesting stories. Visit us today!

Alpha Imagery

We have a large variety of hand crafted artwork and collectibles that you can admire for years to come. Our beautiful selections include wildlife imagery, Native American designs, religious symbols, coin collections, and much more! Visit our website to learn more!


Fine Art America

Take a tour of the vast splendor of our gallery! The community of talent is truly astonishing and creative. We offer art work that people love to collect and make their own. It would be perfect for any home and can be admired for a lifetime and beyond! Shop us today.

E-Art Design

Here at E-Art Design you’ll find southwestern & animal art by Bill Cullum, who paints to preserve the spirit of wildlife & other subjects as he sees them in their natural environment. We offer framed/unframed paintings, pastel & scratch board wildlife art plus much more!

Sherridans On The Lake

This is the place for one-of-a-kind art! Adorn the walls of your home with these treasured paintings and take in the beauty. They range in price from just a few dollars to hundreds so there will always be something wonderful in your price range. Let your senses take it in!

Classic Rock Autographs

We specialize in classic rock memorabilia, autographed guitars, albums, photos, and
more! All displays are made to order and when completed you will have a unique piece
of Rock N Roll history! Makes great gifts or a wonderful addition to your own collection!

Carver’s Cartoons

If you or your kids have a love of cartoon characters, this is the place to shop! We have
a variety of items including clothing, toys, party supplies, bedding, posters and so much more! All your favorite characters under one roof! Shop us today to get the best deals!

Huggiebear Boutique

We have stylish new finds from emerging new designers and on-trend house brands! All hand-picked and up to 60% off. Our large selection insures you will discover several items you will love. From earrings & necklaces to rings & bracelets – we have you covered!

My Silver Snowball

This is the most affordable silver coin program ever! Your business grows with the more people you refer to your very own website. The more people join, the more free silver rounds you receive on a monthly basis. For every order generated, you get a bonus!

First Rate Knives

We offer a wide variety of quality knives and swords, along with personal defense products such as hidden knives, pepper sprays, stun guns and batons. Also, we have a large selection of crossbows, blowguns and the accessories – all at prices you can afford!

Tonic Boy Clothing

Illustrate your inner self with a uniqueness no one can imitate! Tonic Boy does clothing and apparel that keeps you original! Get the coolest designs and styles that will make you the envy of all your friends. Our low prices are an assurance that you get the best deals!

Colleges & Universities

Free Online Education

Education made accessible to everyone! We offer a Free university online and also courses you can purchase online. Now everyone has the opportunity to receive a top notch education that will promote their life and their dreams. Be one of the lucky ones!

Chaplains College

Have you ever wanted to study the Bible at a deeper, more satisfying level and learn more about pastoral ministries? We have the answer! Earn an Advance Diploma, Associate or a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry right here through Chaplains College.


College too expensive? Closed out of a class. StraigterLine offers self-paced online courses. Study where and when you want, taking as much time as you need. Enroll today and SAVE $39 on your first course when you use coupon code OGCRP911.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework

Need help with your homework or online classes? Our services are guaranteed to help you achieve the grade that you desire. We have 45 "Homework Experts" standing by to assist you with your assignments. Call or text: 585-378-0170 for your Free quote.

College Hunters

Have you thought about going back to school? Well, there is no better way to advance your career then to get that degree. Now is a great time to do it and we can help you easily find the right school with The School Finder. It's totally Free!

Global University School of Nursing

Located in Jamaica, we offer an online Health Care Assistant (PN) program. The students will be provided with an educational learning experiences designed to develop intellectual abilities, as well as social, moral, cultural and ethical values.


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